2019 Texas Regional Conference Audio Bundle

The classical education renewal has always been about bringing back things that were lost -- things of great value. It's been about reminding people that a better way forward involves looking backward. And this is all true. But it's true that classical educators with serious designs must also... Read More

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The Icon Tradition: Images Meant to Master Us

Ralph Wood

All too little known in the Western Christian world, though central to Eastern Christianity, the Icon tradition features images that look at us far more than we look at them. They seek to master us for the sake of our transformation. They arrest our minds and hearts with figures of a strange and... Read More


Fragments and Formalisms: Re-associating our Sensibilities through the Poetic Mode

Kathryn Smith

The great modernist poet T.S. Eliot famously observed that in the latter half of the seventeenth century “a dissociation of sensibility set in,” essentially meaning that thought and feeling were severed from one another, that the mind and the heart were torn asunder. For someone like Eliot, modern... Read More


A Socratic Guide to Civil Discourse with Those Who Can’t Stand You

Dr. Matthew Post

Plato’s Republic Book 1 presents the sophist Thrasymachus, famous for teaching that “might makes right.” In truth, his teaching is much more complex. The education he offers claims that outstanding individuals can liberate themselves from the tyranny of conventional notions of morality and... Read More


Culture, Curriculum, and Care: Building Community in a Time of Need

Andrew Pudewa

What is the nature of culture? Curriculum? How does one affect the other? What single element rests at the core of our success in teaching our children?  How can we integrate all these as we work to build community with like-minded fellow homeschoolers in a time when we all feel an increasing need... Read More


Wise Guides: Less Measuring, More Mentoring

Renee Mathis

Who knew that an ancient poet could have so much to teach today’s teacher? Rather than succumb to the tyranny of the test score, I want to encourage you to assess with the confidence of Virgil making his way through the underworld! Assessment is a tool for growth, one that we need to use wisely and... Read More


Bridging the Gap Between Naturalists and the Supernatural

Matthew Bianco

Presented at the 2019 Regional Conference in Dallas, TX.


Sonnets versus Headlines: The Right Response to Right Now

Jessica Hooten Wilson

We are being conditioned to think in soundbites and to respond to tragedy and comedy alike with shorter attention spans. The world of constantly changing news keeps us distracted rather than attentive to the present. With a flurry of headlines and pages of social media through which to scan, we... Read More


Nurturing Inquiry

Andrea Lipinski

David Hicks asserted in Norms and Nobility, “Classical education is not, preeminently, of a specific time or place. It stands instead for a spirit of inquiry and a form of instruction.” How did previous era educators Homer, Plato, and Aristotle teach a spirit of inquiry? How did... Read More


The Abolition of Nature or the Hope of Glory

Andrew Kern

Presented at the 2019 Regional Conference in Dallas, TX.